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To begin with I must tell you that I never make any difference between weekdays or holidays. Easter and Christmas is like Monday and Thursday, as far as I’m concerned. If you wish to contact me, care not if it’s evening, night , morning or Midsummer. It will be as good or as bad in any case. Since I never know what I’m doing from one day to the other. So your call may fit as hand in glove at one time, or it may completely ruin the most peaceful  spring evening’s hunt for Beaver, or during a snowstorm at Char lake. But call me anyway..

I accept only payment in advance on all my products. Returning customers may eventually win my confidence so that I’ll ease up on this, but it could take some time.

So if you want to place an order, contact me by sms, phone, e-mail or snail-mail, in that order. State your name and adress, and indicate clearly which product-s, and number of items.

You will then have to wait for my confirmation of your order, and the price total – freight included. Freight prices will vary, but stated freight price will always include packaging. I will then supply you with information regarding - Account number, IBAN & BIC codes.
As soon as your payment is registered, I will ship your order asap.

Now i also could offer payment by:

Use my e-mailaddress below.

N.B. If an e-mail is not answered within a few days, and your order is urgent: It then must be re-sent by sms.
(more on this below.)

You should also request before ordering some of my more exclusive handicrafts, that I have them in stock, or that they are ready for shipment. Usually these items are very personal, and your needs, wishes upon design, and choice of materials will have to be discussed in depth.

Or if, as may be the case, the task is to sew some item out of  pelts delivered by you. I  then frankly prefer to work with ready-tanned and cured fur or skins. Almost without exception you will have to pay half of the agreed total cost in advance before I set needle and thread in motion. This for the simple reason to restrain idle chatters. The product can then be shipped COD or per Invoice, depending on my feeling for the customer in particular, or my mood in general.. If, however, I do get a really good feeling for a person, I then may agree upon far more generous terms of payment.

My media, photos, movies are copyrighted, and mainly subject to the general terms governing such material. User obligations or / and rights of showing follow  the same legislation.

In rare cases, I may be persuaded to give lectures, discourses, shooting instructions, special training courses and the likes. Rare, partly because such undertakings differ from case to case and depend largely upon the sentiments of the audience or participants. But mainly because I find it difficult to commit to do something in a distant future at a given day and time.

Retailers are of course privileged and have their own trade prices. Ususally you have to be VAT registered. All my products do not have fixed cost prices, and the more expensive items have hardly any margins at all. Contact me for negotiations on these matters. However, I do not let my products go to just anyone. I would prefer that you  have a sound view of life, a feeling and respect for genuine handicrafts. That you care about nature, and are humble before the wild.

To contact me : This may prove difficult at times. I read e-mails maybe three times a week. Usually in the mornings if weather is bad. Quite often I am in areas where there is no reception, or I have my cellphone on silent, not to be disturbed during a hunt or other circumstances. Therefore, be patient, it may take some time before I answer. Don’t cry if you haven’t got through to me before your seventh attempt.

Orders and questions can to your advantage be sent by SMS instead. These often have an ability to find their way between mountains and valleys. But you must get a confirmation from me, otherwise your question/order may have lost its way after all. I will always read and answer a recieved sms.

Telephone salesmen and other sellers should not try to contact me, such calls will be refused. Sincere business proposals will only be accepted as e-mail and  NOT  by telephone.

Chatters and information seekers will be billed 19.90 SEK a minute. I.E. Those callers who want to know more or less exactly which pinetree the Capercaillie is perched in. Or who in minute detail want to know how to refine the Badgers lard into the finest leather grease.

YES – I can inform you, I can reveal where the good hunting grounds are, tell you the resources of game, the path of the Hare, or where the Bear is at. – But it will cost you… All other questions are better directed to the tourist office.

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