The Trapper’s guided tours for hunters, fishermen and trappers, or just for those who wants to experience the wild, and the silence of the wild.

It says, amongst other things, on my calling card:“ Unique events in hunting and fishing”. But, I really don’t do ordinary guiding, with tailored packages and prices. People usually ask to accompany me on different  tours and trips. And sometimes we agree upon something appropriate and interesting to do. If  you have a suggestion about what you want to experience, I may be able to help you. These things must be talked over! To follow along to catch Grayling in hidden lakes. Empty the nets for Whitefish in the autumn. Or, in the winter, skiing around hoping to glance the Black Grouse in the treetops. Learning to prepare the mink you just caught, or to lie in wait in silence  for the  “Red moonlight stalker”. Go fly fishing in a stream full of trout, or canoeing  through the Beaver’s  landscaped waterways. – Or anything else to your liking.

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