About Me

Christian “The Trapper” Nilsson

The nickname begun a long time ago mostly in jest. When I was a young boy I often sat with an old book about hunting and dreamt myself away. Dreamt about trapping and hunting in distant fields in the wilderness. The notion seduced, lured and challenged me into a natural and down-to-earth life. It seemed so obvious, a built in feeling that just was there. On a small scale I began to explore the countryside I was living in, bit by bit. The name “Trappern” was written into books and used for a signature a little here and there. Remaining only was to live up to it for real. Not as a demand, but as something to follow trustingly. My instinctive goal was to devote my life to hunting and fishing to the extent it pleased me. To be unchained from society and economical obligations, and above all enjoying freedom and independence. I am still on that course. To wake up any day in the year and to choose my enterprises from that moments conditions given. – Is worth everything.

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