About the Trapper products

This is what my stamp looks like. It is placed on all my sewing works. On the fur hats there is a piece of leather sewn onto the lining with the products number, my initials and the year. This mark is discreet, not to draw to much attention from the product itself. But it shall nevertheless be clearly visible that this is handicraft, and from where it originates. Of course, the owner can on request have his or her name on it as well. The whetstone cover on the picture was an order by a customer who brought the whetstone himself. An old sandstone sharpening tool that had been in use for a long time, and therefore deserved a protective cover of beaver leather. That for which I strive to attain, are uniquely  personal handicraft products, where you not only get a useful item, but something that can be said to preserve a cultural heritage, and a proof that resources like wild game in forests are  very useful still. Ė Even today.

My fully handcrafted products are no dozen goods, mass produced items that everybody else can buy just the same. In a way a customer can have a product with a similar pattern as somebody else, but the specimen you will hold in your hand is still unique. Most often there will be a very personal touch, since the items may well be made of pelts of your own catch. Maybe the Badger you shot on your watch, or the Marten furs you have collected during many winters, or the Fox fur  from a Harrier battue. The examples come in plenty. There is a delivery time on most items, unless I on occasion should happen to have something that fits you. That which governs is mainly how the hunt shaped up on a particular day, the present condition of the game stock, and of course the luck of the chase. I always try to fully use my own catch, otherwise this is specified.

I donít settle with just a stamp, but for every fur hat, or pair of gloves made, there is a written certificate, proving the products origin and authenticity. In short; that it is a genuine Trapper-product ! On the picture you can see what the certificates can look like. The products are numbered  consecutively so there is none the same, and there can therefore only be one pair of  e.g. muskrat fur gloves with that specific number. When the last thread has been fastened, and it is packed and ready for delivery, then the number, the signature and the date is written upon it!